First things first:
1. MOTW stands for Misconceptions of The Word.
2. The Word being an alternative word (couldn’t help myself) for the Bible.

MOTW was birthed with the purpose to take common misconceptions that we have in Christianity today and to dispel them with the support of The Word. Which is paramount, as the Bible is supposed to be a Chrisitan’s guideline to being a Christian. But I’ve found it’s the most ignored thing when it comes to Christianity and hence we have so many misconceptions within the Body of Christ. So, the video above provides a succinct description of what MOTW is all about; what it’s based on – Biblically.

I recently made some changes to the outlook and stuff and also had the idea of making blog posts for it. Originally, the idea was just for videos and only videos, but I’m not really a video person myself but I do enjoy typing. As a result, there’ll probably be a mix of mediums e.g. video, text, maybe audio but they’ll all serve the same job: dispelling misconceptions of The Word.

So, yeah. That’s it really. So watch this space, for MOTW posts and also check out the Bible verses mentioned in the video to get more of an understanding of what it’s all about. Until the next post!

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