Things I Learnt from Sixth Form

It’s exam time, I think. I wouldn’t really know…I’m so out of sync with the world it’s ridiculous. But anyways, I’ve had this post as a draft for some time and I, literally, just thought to myself that now would be a decent time to share it with you cyber folk. So, yeah…

Here’s the list…
1. There is a huge difference between grammar and comprehensive, in practically every s i n g l e way you could possibly think of.
2. It doesn’t matter if it’s a grammar school or an all girls school, people have super stinky attitudes.
3. Alway pursue something you enjoy.
4. It’s okay to say, you don’t get it.
5. Don’t allow people to squish you into their molds. Granted they may have their sayings, traditions and blah, but you didn’t sign a conformity agreement.
6. People are going to be upset at your refusal to conform. Surprise, surprise, I still don’t care about your meagre feelings.
7. It’s always best to just do you.
8. People are fudging cowards.
9. Your journey of education is much like your walk with Christ, it’s YOUR own to work out.
10. Learn about people quickly. People are crazy deceptive.
11. Single sex schools produce depraved students. Good Lord!
12. A group of friends having had the same boyfriend, is not weird…apparently.
13. People are stupidly petty. Stupidly, stupidly, stupidly petty.
14. Yes, girls and hygiene are not synonymous. Trust me.
15. It’s alright to steal other people’s stuff, but the thief shan’t be robbed.
16. “Girls, for the most part, cannot be trusted” – Soph Lawrence

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