I am team DIY.

From a young age, my mum always used to say to me, or to the air, if you want something done, do it yourself. And as time progresses, I continue to see, more and more, how true the statement is. As a result, it’s one of my personal mottos.

One of the major appeals for me in doing things for yourself is the simple fact that instead of having to wait on others and rely on them for a service, you can just do it yourself and not have any of that worry or stress or whatever that is associated with putting something of yours into somebody else’s hands. And if something goes wrong, the only person you can blame and get annoyed with is yourself. And yes, I know that sounds a bit dodgy but surely that’s better than getting annoyed with some other person that does/doesn’t have a good relationship with you and just making things generally awkward? Well, either way, I think it is…and that’s all that really matters in this place.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about tasks like plastering your wall or fixing your car’s engine. I’m talking about things that don’t necessarily need a professional to assist you with it. For example, let me take you back a couple of years. During the year when scoobies were still an in-thing. So, of course, I jumped on the bandwagon. And on this particular day, I was outside and I was making my scooby and I wanted to play on what we called the adventure playground. I didn’t have anywhere to put my scooby, so I asked a “friend” to hold it for me, and either she asked me or I told her that if she wanted to do some, she could. So, I’ve done all the playing it is that I wanted to do and I go back to the friend to collect my scooby and she messed it up. Ohmydiggydays, I just tried to keep my cool. But she really had messed it up. Like I had a way of doing it, not to leave gaps, make sure it’s taut etc. And hers was full of gaps and it was hideous and I was horrified. But I just said thank you and when she was out of sight I undid her work and finished it off myself.
Moral of the story is, if I’d just done it myself I wouldn’t have to

  1. Pull face and act like everything is alright even though she just destroyed my masterpiece.
  2. Spend time undoing what she did.

One of the things I feel that you really learn as time goes on is that people don’t think like you do and they don’t do the things you do the way you’d do them. So when it comes to teamwork or maybe you’re hosting some kind of event, and the people you’re working with don’t have the same mindset as you or things don’t tend to go so smoothly. You end up undoing the scooby and having to do it again, by yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to work with others, it’s great to be in a team but like I said a shared mindset is essential for this.

So, for the times when you don’t need to work with others, for the times when you don’t want to have to clear up somebody else’s mess, for the times that you don’t want to pretend that everything’s okay even though someone just messed up whatever was on ground. Do it yourself. Do whatever it is by yourself and be happy.

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