The Value of a Good Friend

I want this to be short and straight to the point.

If you’ve been through a lot with a person and they make a mistake or they hurt you or they do something that you don’t particularly like and it’s not within their character to do so, don’t feel like you should just ditch them like a sack of potatoes.

We’ve endorsed this savage behaviour and carelessness and I-don’t-need-anyone mentality. And to a certain extent, it’s good. It promotes independence and self-confidence and allows people to identify unhealthy relationships but at the same time, it’s jeopardising solid relationships as people seem to be struggling to identify the difference.

Friends are being ditched left right and centre in such a careless fashion. Like old clothes being thrown out. We so easily forget the continuous good that someone has done and can only recollect the recent sin they’ve committed. When did we become so heartless and unforgiving?

Apply wisdom. You will know who is for you and who has your back and who doesn’t if you do. Get rid of people that don’t add value to your life, get rid of people that add more grief than happiness, get rid of people that don’t check up on your well-being like they should. Eradicate people like that from your life and cherish the ones that look after you and look out for you. The ones that just message you to ask if you’re okay. The person that picks up your call no matter the hour. They are few and far in between. They’re precious stones in the midst of dirt. They are valuable and should be treated as such.

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