I don’t particularly like wearing things on my wrist. Occasionally, I wear a watch but it comes off as soon as I set foot into my house. My favourite colour is purple and I wish I was still left handed. I went through this jewellery phase where I wore several rings on many fingers and never took them off. All sterling silver. Which brings to mind: I prefer silver over gold. I’m very rude. Sometimes, I forget to hide my facial expressions and end up showing my disdain a lot more often than I should.

I’m too easily irritated and I have a very low tolerance, generally. I’m quite sensitive and possibly too forgiving. I’m very stubborn and relatively impatient. I set high expectations for my relationships but often too lenient with one thing or two or five. I have this terrible habit of not being able to see people the same once I’ve found out they’ve done something of great magnitude that I don’t particularly approve of (these tend to be people that I don’t particularly care for). I am the kind of person that will correct your grammar. I am the definition of private, all keys stay low. Self-proclaimed perfectionist. Child of God.

I broke a high jump record in my local athletics competition when I was in secondary school. This is something I don’t really remember much of or remember at all for that fact. Sarcasm. Second language. I’ve always loathed maths and science with an undeniable passion. I like food but I hate cooking. My mother would call it laziness. I call it I don’t enjoy washing up. I don’t believe in making my bed. Fight me.

I find typing therapeutic. I go through periods of time where I don’t really feel like talking. Especially in the morning. I don’t like mornings. I enjoy reading. I detest feet. I used to be a people person, that was a long time ago. Long enough that only my mother recalls. I really really don’t like missing people.

The photograph above? Mine.

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