If you could chat with your 10 year old self for an hour, what would you talk about?

In the midst of looking for a notebook journal, I came across this 5 Year Book thingy on notonthehighstreet.com.
BASICALLY, it’s a book (surprise, surprise), that has a question in it for every day for five years, and well you write your answer to that question each day.

I actually really liked the idea of it. In fact, I almost bought the book but didn’t because I was going off on a tangent and it didn’t really fulfil the purpose of me getting a notebook journal.
How-ever, it dawned on me that there was a totally different way I could take it on.

What I had in mind is that I’d search for questions and choose a question that I felt irked me enough and make a blog post about it. So, like a virtual 5 Year Book.
Although, I’m not making any promises of a daily blog post. I don’t really seem to be committed to this blogging thing…

QUESTION: If you could chat with your 10 year old self for an hour, what would you talk about?


1. I’d let myself know from the beginning that failure isn’t as ugly as they paint it out to be. Remember that some people would call Banksy an artist and others would call him a vandal. At the end of day, all that matters is how you see it and what you choose to do with it.
2. I’d ask myself if Animal Crossing really was a solid investment?
3. I would try to let baby me understand that everything really does happen for a reason, and if it’s meant to be it will be. And if it’s looking like it’s not meant to be then let it be.
4. I would tell myself to solidify that hard rock skin and persona from now, it comes in handy when it’s fully developed, don’t let it take too long.
5. Hide your DS in a very safe place, alongside the games, so that Fortress won’t reset all your progress…again…
6. Don’t be so easily serenaded and swayed by words dipped in honey. Baby me, don’t look at the words but look at the mouth it’s coming from. Remember: Dionaea muscipula
7. Always, listen to your conscience…your gut. It is the most legitimate thing you have!
9. Don’t prioritise those that didn’t do the same for you. It is never justified.
10. You’ll eventually get irritated by those K&W quote thingies, don’t bother with it.
11. Don’t pour out yourself into glasses that belong to people that just like to drink. You’re the one that will feel wasted.
12. Don’t look for a shoulder to lean on in anybody. It was never worth it. Not the first time or the second.

P.S. Cherish sleep so very dearly. Cherish sleep like it’s your first love.

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