Just Because I’m Nice…

Luke 6:31. “Do to others as you would like them to do to you.”

This is something that I have tried to practice for as long as I remember.

I insisted on not jumping the queue in the canteen when I got older because I didn’t like it when other people did it to me. I made the conscience effort to be nice to the not-so-popular children in class because I didn’t think it was right to tease and bully like the others. This same principle that I had during my younger academic years I still have with me now.

People that have talked about me behind my back, people that haven’t really acted as a friend to me, people who I don’t really mix with for their difference in views or values or anything of the like. Such people I like to keep at a distance. Although, I do not regard them as friends and not necessarily as my enemy, I still exercise the principle of treating them as I would like to be treated.

The reason why I’m writing this is because I have found myself, far too often, in situations where people who I’ve been nice to (but wouldn’t call my friend) have now thought they could act in a particularly friendly manner towards me. And I’ve had enough of the cloudiness of misunderstanding. Such instances demand politeness and in my case it’s forced politenesss. Such instances do not bring me joy. Such instances make me rather uncomfortable. I don’t like playing pretend. Anyone that knows me on a level, knows that I tend to be open about my discomforts, even if it’s not verbally, it will manifest facially. But, as mentioned earlier, since these kind of situations require a certain level of politeness I make sure that my face and my body language tells a different story than what I’m thinking. All this time, I’m not fully involved in the conversation/interaction and I’m low key trying to find some way of escaping whilst being overly polite to compensate for the reluctance.

So, if anything, this is a plea. If you know me well enough, if don’t know me well enough, if you’re observant, if you’re not observant, let’s try to keep the small talk to a minimum. Let’s try to keep very friendly interactions at a very very minimum. Let’s be civil, say our his and byes. If you like, you can ask me about the assignment, or what I thought about the lecture but know it will be a succinct and a straight-to-the-point conversation. I will be nice, I will continue to be polite. I just beg of you, not to get too friendly and not to put me in an uncomfortable situation.

If you are reading this and feel like you are not sure whether I’m talking about you, then, to be quite frank, I probably am because the people who I call friends know who they are.

People should learn to observe and pay attention more. Notice the fact that we don’t usually converse or interact with one other. Notice the difference in rapport between me and you and my actual friends. And most importantly, respect that. I’m being nice to you because of my values and my beliefs, and that won’t change but please, please, please, don’t put me in an uncomfortable situation. Luke 6:31. “Do to others as you would like them to do to you.”

photo credit: myself.

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