Natural Hair: Update!

About five years ago, I did a post about Natural Hair. If you read it, good for you, I’m sure it made for a riveting read…
Regardless, I feel the need for an update regarding it…my mum kept asking me if I was going to blog about it and I’ve been so reluctant because…well, because. But I’ve decided, today is the day…hence the the title of this post; I will be giving an update about this natural hair journey (if you haven’t read the previous post, I, gravely, suggest you do. Otherwise, it’s like watching Toy Story 3 without watching the first one…yougetme?)

BASICALLY, in the last post I kind of just rant about how I haven’t got the time to truly care for my hair because it requires so much effort and time and energy yadayadayada. Well, things have rapidly changed since then. I now have a co-wash routine, I have perfected my twist out, I have done a flexi rod set, got me a good ol’ bottle of Castor Oil, ordered and using a satin cap, I am currently rocking a bantu knot out – and it looks, I am discovering what works for my hair, I got me some shea butter, coconut oil…I think you catch my drift. I have practically gone all in and I am seeing the results. Although my hair is, drastically, uneven for various reasons, I have some rapid, healthy growth…and my hair SHINES people – SHINES. I am constantly doing Google searches and YouTube searches to find out how to do things better and to find out what to try next. Although, I don’t have a night/day time routine, and I haven’t done an elaborate up-do – I am taking care of my natural hair and I am thoroughly basking in the glory of my crown.

P.S. Those are actually my brushes in the picture above!

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