Natural Hair

I have started a natural hair journey for almost 2 years now, and no not in the way you see those “African-American” females with their routines and leave-ins and their natural hair up-dos. No way. That’s not me and I’ll explain why.
My natural hair journey has simply consisted of me not putting texturiser in my hair (I stopped using relaxer YEARS AGO), the sole reason being it was always burning my scalp and causing serious discomfort whenever I put it in my hair no matter how little I itched prior to application and how much Vaseline was applied to my edges  and I finally said enough is enough!

It’s great in the sense that no more burnt scalp, but it has thrown many challenges my way! I will also explain…
I cannot look after myself, like I need reminding to take medication, every time my mum helps me to do my hair she always narrates to me how I have damaged it since the last time she helped me do it, all the creams and things I should be using given to me by my dermatologist I barely use it. Between me and you, I find it all very long-winded regardless of the benefits I see when I do actually decide to do things properly.
So, you can just imagine the struggles when my hair is “technically” more difficult to manage and I don’t have that type of commitment and energy to implement into it. So, what did I do? Well, I Googled it. And YouTubed it. And learnt so much from these Natural Hair “sisters” about how to maintain and grow my hair through conditioning and using the right kind of shampoo and getting a satin cap (which I still have not purchased) but ask me what I have done with that information since then…*side eyes furiously*

I’m sorry but these Natural Hair “sisters” have TTTIIIIIIMEEEEE. Like they were talking about co-wash and prepping the night before, and their morning routine and night routine and how they changed this according to the length of the hair and I was amazed and baffled because yeah, it worked and their hair was looking great in some of these updos but my arms ache when I even try to put my hair in a donut bun let alone start thinking about updos…I CAN’T EVEN DO CORNROWS FOR CRYING OUTLOUD. My hair according to my research is some type of 4b kind of thing, which is one of the types of hair which is more easily breakable and damaged and needs care and moisture and the list is endless and it all equates to time. I’m not saying I don’t have time, I just don’t have time for those kind of things.

I’m a get up and go kind of person, I don’t want to spend time on my hair, even though I want my hair to look good. Hence, I’ve been sticking to “protective styling”. I have had twists, weaves and I am currently rocking crochet braids which my mother find out about recently and it’s great. I leave in the style for 2 months approximately and then change again, but of course I don’t actually have the patience to get my hair done either…my twists get done over the course of 2 – 3 days by my mum…

So, I’m in this kind of catch 22 situation. I mentally prepare myself for the amount of time it will take to have my hair done or I actually endeavour to form a routine and start maintaining my hair and what not. To be frank, I’d much rather have personal hairstylist. Let’s face it if Nicki Minaj didn’t have her hairstylist do you think her hair would be looking like it does? I think not.

Post edit: picture used is by me.

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