Recent Revelations/Realisations

As I am right now, I am coming to quite a few realisations.

  1. Finding photos for my blog posts don’t necessarily have to match the content. Just make it look pretty. That’s okay. Nobody really cares but you. This is not an excuse, however, to go and change the photos on here that you are not feeling so much because you have better things to do.
  2. Finding other blogs that are “up your street” (I detest this idiom, but whatever) was a gee-nee-us idea, why I didn’t do it earlier is truly and utterly beyond me.
  3. Being a little bit more open in my blog posts is not a crime. I do not have to shoot myself in the foot for it, and I’m sure it will be somewhat rewarding as it appears that those are the style of blog posts that I enjoy reading and writing anyways. It also seems more natural for me also…
  4. I really like making lists of things. I think it’s easier for me to process/organise or something.
  5. Reading other good content is not an excuse to rubbish my own. See it more as inspo. But I do get it, you are a perfectionist. But because you’re not at that level that you have in your mind at the moment, you don’t have to hinder yourself and stop yourself reaching that level altogether! Fortunately, due to this brilliant post and this brilliant quote my eyes and mind have been awakened and I truly needed it in terms of my blogging and my photography…and myself.
  6. You are doing this blogging thing because you just enjoy writing. I think I do anyways. I don’t need to worry or occupy myself with how many subscribers I have or don’t have or about monetisation or how frequently I blog. You’re doing it for you. If you want to change those dynamics at any time you are free to do so, but take each step as it comes.

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