You Don’t Need Talent

Again, Sam Smith is on repeat.

I’m quite tired. It’s almost 5AM and I’ve been looking at this screen for an unhealthy amount of hours but I decided to type up a blog post, nonetheless.

I feel like my eyes are about to pop out of my head and up until about a minute ago, I had no clue what I was going to write about.

And then I remembered a post I read, yesterday. A post I’ve seen and read way before yesterday. It simply said that we, as people, should still go about doing things that we enjoy despite not being good at it. That if it’s only stick men that you can draw, draw them to your heart’s content. If it’s badminton that you enjoy, despite never actually hitting the shuttlecock, by all means, go ahead.

The beauty of this life is that we get to do whatever we want. However, for some reason, it gets instilled in us from an early age that if we’re not good at something then we shouldn’t bother with it. I beg to differ. Some activities don’t need professional expertise, some activities just need an individual that has a love for the activity.

Why is that no longer enough?


photo credit: me.

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