I’m sorry…?

Whilst washing the dishes, I wanted to put a plate I had finished rinsing on the drying rack but I wasn’t looking so I hit it on the rack instead, and in my head I said “I’m sorry”. It was instinctive, I didn’t think about it, I didn’t hesitate.

Two inanimate objects hit each other and I felt sorry?
Did I legitimately feel sorry or was it just an innate drive pulling me through? Sometimes, people bump into me in public and I’ll be the one to apologise. And then I’ll get annoyed if the other person doesn’t say it because it was their fault in the first place. I didn’t need to apologise. Nor should I have.

I think I am digressing…

What I want to get at is the fact that the phrase has been bastardised. Almost, if not exactly like, I love you. We say these things so flippantly, so fleetingly, so irreverently. Without thought, without emotion, without truth. They just roll off our tongues, like nothing.
And how did we get here? How can such an intense phrase develop such a l o o s e meaning. Now, we have phrases like “sorry, not sorry” which isn’t even a phrase, it’s more of a hashtag, which I believe really puts the cherry on the cake of my point…

Once upon a time an apology, sorry, had connotations of repentance, change, heavy hearts, correcting wrongs. Now it has connotations of sarcasm and being rude and general meaninglessness…
Of course I haven’t forgotten nor am I ignoring that words have multiple meanings, and sorry is most definitely one of them. But there’s one that tends to ring in everybody’s head automatically and it’s this one:


Pronunciation: /ˈsɒri/
Feeling regret or penitence

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