Let’s Be More Attentive


It’s weird that there are very minute things like whether you can roll your tongue and bigger things like the country that you were born in that can contribute towards the human being you are and the human being you will become. There’s also beauty in the fact that we choose how we react to these minute and non-minute factors and those choices can manifest in different ways. Right now, in this moment, I think it makes sense, those quotes I’m always seeing floating about on Pinterest. Human beings are malleable creatures. You can decide to sell everything you own now and become a monk. Sometimes we make the experiences and sometimes the experiences find us. And even the experiences that find us are due to the choices that we make like deciding to be at a certain place at a certain time. Everything just ends up intertwining and entangling and overlapping and unless you really sit down to think about it, you will end up missing out on a lot of things. Not noticing the small differences between you and the next person, or not noticing certain traits that you own. I just think sometimes we should be a little bit more attentive to each other and to ourselves.

photo credit: me.

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