Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

This isn’t going to be a typical Season’s Greetings but more like a wake up call, well I hope it will be. And I want to keep it short.

All these festivities are sometimes a whole lot of rubbish.
I’m not even going to discuss the fact that Christmas is mas without Christ (I need a few extra paragraphs for that) but for some reason Christmas is sold as this one time of the year when everyone should be nice to each other and should be covered head to toe in nice gestures. That’s crappy. Let’s not even mention that stupid BandAid song that makes it out like Africa, a whole continent, doesn’t even know what December 25th means…

But anyways…why should I wait for this one time of the year to exercise good will? What happened to the rest of the year? Why should I wait for this one time of the year to send a message to that person I haven’t talked to ALL YEAR to wish them a Merry Christmas and whatnot?

I believe that acts of love have more value on supposedly ordinary days, isn’t that why those “good morning” texts matter?

My mum says this all the time, she doesn’t believe in waiting for that one special day to gift someone, not a birthday or a Valentine or Christmas. That’s not to say not to appreciate or gift someone on that day but what’s wrong with doing it on other days too? Why not make everyday a season worth celebrating? Why not use everyday to do something good or to be nice to someone?
My parents don’t force us to open our presents on Christmas day, we can open them when and as we feel like (as long as we ask). This year and the last we didn’t put a Christmas tree up…we actually don’t have a main meal for tomorrow…just a lot of nibbles…
Christmas for us is this one day when we don’t do anything, we don’t go anywhere, no calls bombarding us, no rushing and definitely no alarms. This year we all have our onesies, my parents included, and we’ll be watching movies and eating our spring rolls and waiting for M&S to say our food has been delivered to our local store (at least I will).

Let me just get to it, a day is anything you make it. Some families had Christmas early because a loved one won’t be around on the 25th. Some people will have it later on for the same reason. And that’s possible because we are the ones that are in charge, we call the shots. And for that same reason, you can give your food to a food bank on the 25th July, for that same reason you can send a message or make a phone call to that aunt 500 miles away to ask her how her day was on the 26th August. There’s that saying of living like there’s no tomorrow, I believe that this is what this is about. Nobody said turkeys were designated for Christmas…have a feast whenever you want!

And to add to this, all you “NEW YEAR NEW ME” people. You exhaust me. All you “2015 IS GOING TO BE MY YEAR” people, can you just not? People that like to announce their New Year’s Resolution(s) and what it is that they got for Christmas it’s really not necessary. And the whole idea of waiting till the New Year for that “New Me” is rubbish too. Nothing stops you from making that change now…that new chapter can be made whenever you want it to. Don’t wait until the year resets.

With that in mind, I wish you all a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

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