PSA to all Entitled Boys

Girls do not owe you anything.

Earlier on I listened to a vn that one of my friends sent me about how some guy went to the extent of turning his car around and getting out of this same car with the ultimate goal of getting her number. He even had the audacity to ask WHY when he wasn’t given said number. This came after a whole act of asking her directions to a location he probably fully knew which also led him to ask more invasive questions like “what’s her name?” and “where she was going?” and whether the person she’s going to see is well. After listening to all of this, it brought me here.

What is it with men, today, that feel so entitled and privy to whatever they want? Why do you feel like a woman should comfortably give you – a stranger – her contact details after you’ve examined her like a piece of meat? Why do you go so completely out of your way to get what you want whilst making the other party uncomfortable? Where is your social etiquette? Where are your manners? What makes you think that you are worthy?

Your approach is lacklustre. Your mannerisms are off. You flip instantly the moment you are told “no” or are not given want you want but yet you expect women to bow and be at your beck and call. Who made you king?!

Men, typically, you are not groped by women. You are not harassed by women. You are not threatened by a woman because you refused to communicate with her. You are not tailed by women late at night or in broad daylight. You are not wolf whistled at or had a car horn blared in your direction by a woman. You are not made uncomfortable on the public streets by a woman that has found you attractive. You are not shouted at. So, you don’t understand how it feels. But I challenge you, read this and imagine what it feels like.

Imagine the fear that grips women and young ladies when they see the car turn around. Imagine the worry we experience when we know we’re not interested but not sure how to convey it in a manner that will not be to our detriment. Imagine the fear when a woman realises that the man she walked past, the man that looked at her in such a trashy and perverted manner, is suddenly a few feet away from her.

Boys. Men. Males.

You will not always get what you want. Accept that.
And such behaviour will ensure you do not get what you want.

Keep your boys in check too. Some of you are silent when you see your boys harassing a girl. You are an accomplice to the crime. “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” because your lack of action suggests you’re okay with what’s going on.

Stop making women uncomfortable. Stop making women uncomfortable. Stop making women uncomfortable. Delete this idea that just because you want someone or like someone that she certainly has to be yours. Women are not property but living breathing beings like yourself. We cannot be claimed nor can we be owned. Put an end to such barbaric behaviour. Learn to become a gentleman, learn to be polite, learn how to respect an individual’s space and privacy and learn that no is an answer and a complete sentence and should be taken as such. No doesn’t mean convince me otherwise. No doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want anyway. No is no.

Your sense of entitlement needs to be eliminated.

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