Random Thoughts

I found *Sam Smith’s cover of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car and I think I know what love is now. I’m almost certain.
*If you want to feel the love too

My battery is on 10%. My charger is less than a minute’s stretch, but I think that’s too much for me. So, let’s see how far I’ll travel before it dies on me.

I have been on dailypost.wordpress.com trying to find some prompt that will be enticing enough for me to create a blog post and I guess I must be difficult to please or maybe I’m just looking for something in particular. I don’t know. I’m not sure. I’m not sure about a lot of things these days, forgive me.

If I was to be perfectly honest, true and raw I think I would just pour out my my mind, my heart and my soul onto this cyber paper but I don’t really have that luxury right now.

Would really like some things to change. I’ve got 90 days until my official uni start date. Would really like a dog.

I need to conjure up a CV and a cover letter but this is all unfamiliar scary territory for me and I’m just wondering what am I actually prepared for? I’ve got this weight that is my life in my hands and I’m staring at it like it’s some foreign object. In a way, it feels like it is.

Why do we always have to make ourselves look pretty on paper? Have a CV? Write a cover letter? Write a personal statement? Show certificates of our qualifications? Why are we always reduced to processed trees? Why is it that people feel it’s okay to define us by self-organised words?
Have we forgotten about the ability to lie or do we just brush it to the side and come to it when we feel it’s definitely needed? It’s not fair really, but nor is life, right? Funny.

P.S. Macbook didn’t die, this is where I’m cutting the rope…

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