Social Networks: I Just Don’t Get It

New job? Put it as a Life Event on Facebook.
Growing a baby bump? Put updates on Instagram.
Broke up with your boyfriend? Express your woes in 140 characters.

One of the things that I find difficult to grasp is the readiness and ease people possess when it comes to sharing details about their life online, and in general, but particularly online.
I don’t have that readiness and ease, I’m not entirely sure I ever possessed it and if I ever did I quickly blew out those candles.
I think that may be why I blog so scarcely. Some people have made blogging an online personal diary and take it upon themselves religiously. I am aware that for some bloggers it’s a source of income, so they’ve got to make sure everything is organised and scheduled but I feel like there a lot of overdoers and I also feel like there’s an element of magic that goes out the window once that kind of system has been developed. But who am I, right? Back to the point, I don’t want Shaniqua knowing that I took my dog to the vets. That’s my business.

A lot of people do not share the same views as me, obviously. And I’m intrigued and c u r i o u s as to why people do find it okay? Like why did Melanie feel the need to give me and 700 of her “friends” thorough regular updates about her breast augmentation? Why did Mike feel comfortable to show me and 300 of his “followers” the new KA he just bought?
And I know it kind of sounds ludicrous. I  mean that’s what social networking is for, isn’t it? If a stalker wants to find out about my whereabouts on a daily basis, where I live, where I work, where I was last night and who I was with accompanied with photographic evidence, there’s nothing wrong with that. Not at all.

I, personally, don’t get the need to tell people (a lot of them I don’t really know on a one to one basis) information about myself. Or at least, not in a direct, pure manner. I can get the fact that someone can look at my blog posts, my tweets, my statuses and decipher the kind of character that I am. I get that. I don’t mind that. But giving them daily, hourly, whateverly updates on my well being and my family and my latest doings?
Nah, I’m cool. I prefer to leave people wondering and I certainly don’t feel like everyone should be privy to me.
In the times when Facebook was reigning higher in my life, as well as Twitter, if it wasn’t lyrics I was posting out, it was thoughts/opinions on something  and if it wasn’t that it’d be a discussion with a friend, maybe even reminiscing or sharing a funny experience. But it wouldn’t be something that would really tell you what it was I was doing at that time. And it wasn’t like I was mentally restraining myself, telling myself not to post things of that nature out there. It was as simple as this: I didn’t think about it.

But the general public don’t have that mindset, as I have already said. Leading to some statuses/tweets/crap that begs the question of “Do you really need to share that with me?”
Do people not think these things through?! Like even intimate, private, stuff you guys will put out there letting your bosses, and prospective universities see the kind of personality traits it is that you own. At some point, one has to ask oneself a few questions such as: Where does one draw the line? When is it enough? Is this a TMI moment? Should I really put this out there? Maybe I should retract that statement?

At the same time, who am I to criticise? I gain a HUGE amount of knowledge because people choose to be so open! I won’t lie, I can be Sherlock Holmes if need be. Drama comes down on the timeline? I’m there. I love the ability to be able to find out so much about a person that I may never meet, and that’s kind of creepy. Even I can admit that…it’s super creepy. I believe that’s also part of the reason why I am delicate with what goes out on the internet; if I can do that to other people, then someone can easily do that for me. I like elusiveness. I like the fact that someone could say, after three years of being in the same class, on the same table, in the same school, that they don’t actually know anything about me. And that’s in real life…

The thing, is people are so interested in other people’s lives. Hence why tabloids and gossip sells so much. That’s why rumours exist! People don’t even care if the info is legit or not. Having that silver of information must put people in a better mood, I guess it’s as straightforward as that? Nobody, nowadays, despite the high density of search engines and UberFact tweets, checks anything. People are so easily convinced, give them a pear, call it an apple and they will be doing that for the rest of their lives. It’s unfortunate…but it’s true.

And after reading all of this one may question, if I am so zip lipped behind and in front of the wall of internet how can I form and maintain friendships? Well…I guess that’s my business too.

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