Taking My Time.

“Slow living means slowing down and thinking twice before you do something,” – Orly Munzing

Although I am not about to start picking up a slow living lifestyle anytime soon, there is something about it that appealed to me this morning: the s l o w aspect…

We live in a world where everything moves fast and we want it to move faster. We want higher broadband speeds and our food to arrive in front of us as quick as possible, we send messages and expect instant replies and off recent, none of that has really appealed to me.

Frankly, I still want my internet to be fast on all my devices because I feel I need it to. It would affect my workflow otherwise and I would quickly get frustrated.

But as for other things like replying messages straightaway, or jumping to answer a phone call, quickly composing emails for not so urgent matters, fast-forwarding on washing the dishes…I’m over it to be quite honest. I’m really over it.

The Bible talks about being quick to listen and slow to respond and I think that is something that is so overlooked today. Like it’s perfectly alright for me to listen to your voicenote and reply a few hours later. To read your text message and send a response the following day. Arrange a phone call for a more apt time. I’m saying it’s perfectly okay not to rush things. I don’t have to be moving at 100 miles per hour. I was not created to do so.

I’m not encouraging wasting your time or others. I’m also not advocating for ignoring messages or calls or people. I’m not saying not to do the thing. I’m not saying you should be sluggish.
I’m saying move effectively as opposed to moving quickly. “There is time for everything.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

photo credit: me.

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