I have my ears pierced. I had it done when I was a baby. I cannot recollect, cannot recall what it felt like. Hence, I found it rather odd when friends of mine would talk about getting their ears pierced for their birthdays and be panicky about the potential pain. I had mine done before my first birthday. I don’t remember any pain.

One of the many days of putting earrings into my ears, I noticed a lack of symmetry. I noticed that on my left ear, the piercing was perfectly placed, smack bang in the middle of my lobe. But my right ear has a different story tell, a story of a piercing far away from its true home. Not too far but not very close to my lobe. And I never forgot that story since then.

Immediately, I thought of how to possibly remedy it. It bothered me. How did the person not notice where this piercing was going before making it permanent in my ear? So, I thought “get another piercing, balance it out.”

But now, as I walked away from the mirror, I said to myself “It’s okay”. I mean, I’m the one that really knows. Nobody else seems to see the story. And one of the things I’m trying to teach myself is to appreciate things as they are, despite what may have happened. Despite not being what society deems normal. I mean who said my lobes had to be symmetrical? My face certainly isn’t.

Everybody else just sees a girl that has her ears pierced. Some may not even see that at all.

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