Excuses & Lazy Days.

I’ve intentionally not left the house in about a week. Not gone anywhere. Not seen anyone. Nothing. And I’m not really itching to either.

I’ve been watching movies and Korean dramas and pushing my to-do list away from me in all this time because I know in a short amount of time, my workload will increase and I won’t have the time to do these things.

Summer is really the best time for lounging about. The increase in temperature gives an excuse for everything. Couldn’t sleep last night, was so hot. Found it so difficult to focus on work because of the heat. Blah de blah de blah. We rarely have that kind of temperature in the UK though. So, really…there is no excuse. We just like to make excuses. There’s always a reason for not doing the thing that we should’ve done. Always. Always.

What would we be without excuses? What could we potentially become or unbecome?

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