Facts of the Week

It’s Friday.
I have a chesty cough that has been giving my asthma nightmares.
I have a cold sore.
I had my tenth Caffè Nero Caramelatte for free, with an extra shot of vanilla.
I don’t have any immediate work to attend to…until next week.
I bought a wood phone case that has FIDÈLE on it, and in less than a week it broke…in two places. I don’t have the zeal to glue it back together…again.
I FINALLY WROTE IN MY JOURNAL, it was some ideas for a promo that I’m going to do. I wrote in pencil. I hate it.
I’ve been falling in love with the book of Ecclesiastes.
I have literally just witnessed three guys praying in the café that I’m in right now and I feel like I have witnessed a phenomenon.

I have a burnt tongue.

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