The Journal

I bought a journal. Apparently, that is totally different to a notebook.
I got it from Paperchase. My first ever purchase at Paperchase (sorry, I  had to).
It’s cute. It doesn’t look the way I imagined it in my head, but when I first saw it I had “da one” feelings but dismissed it because it wasn’t black and edgy? I don’t know. Well, I bought it and now I’m scared to write in it, it’s just so pretty and new and fresh and I’m afraid of scarring it with my could-be-better-totally-room-for-improvement-handwriting. It’s also MADE IN INDIA, and is HAND STITCHED.
Either way, I really wanted a notebook journal…I guess I got one now.

P.S. If you want to see it, the journal, click here (you can catch a glimpse of it in the image above)

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