People Watching

I feel like if anyone was to ask me if I have any hobbies this is the first thing that should come out of my mouth, it should be the first thought that comes into my mind: people watching.

It’s probably my most favourite thing to do. Remember my post about the made up word “sonder“? Sondering occurs a lot when you’re people watching. The reality of the fact that there are all these people around you, some you may never see, some you may never see again. And they’re all living their life, and they all have different traits and characteristics and do different things and know different things to you and have their own secrets and experiences completely unique to your own.

Whilst people watching, you try to create a narrative for these strangers, try to suss out the type of music they listen to and their favourite type of sweet. What kind of job they do, wonder if they’re happy or sad right now. Are they in a relationship?

It’s such a weird but somewhat exciting experience. So, next time someone asks me if I have any hobbies, I’m going to tell them: people watching.

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