My business is my business and I will forever keep it that way.

Hence, I cannot wrap my head around this over-sharing mentality that a lot of individuals have.

No one is obliged to know a grain of information about you but I’ve learnt that not everyone shares that belief.

Due to social media, sharing your activities and personal matters is normalised and rampant and it’s something I heavily disagree with.

People like to talk. They don’t care about what or who. No tact or wisdom is applied. They just talk. Why provide the topic of conversation for them? Would I give ammunition to someone that wants to shoot me?

The beauty of privacy is people not knowing things that they ought not to know. It’s keeping dirty laundry hidden and when it’s clean tucking it away safely. Privacy is having a clean rep. Privacy is having only people with the key opening your door.

photo credit: me.

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