What’s up Fidèle?

I want to start using Twitter again but I’m not really sure how to go about it because I’m so reluctant to tweet about me and what I think, and I don’t want to start having sieve and censor my thoughts just to tweet…like that’s so much effort.
I want to write a blog post but every time I put my Mac in front of me everything just goes blank.
I want to post, edit, upload and share new photos but then I just end up staring at Lightroom…
I want to write in my journal profound meaningful things but I feel like I’m just spouting gibberish.
I want to read my Bible and I open it up and everything just disappears I can’t focus.
I want to read normal books and, just like above, everything disappears again.
I want to make some calls and catch up with friends and book dates for ish but I never seem to fully carry out the action.

For months, I’ve been asking myself, what’s up Fidèle?

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