“I want to help the children in Africa”

So, there’s this thing…and it has been annoying me a lot. Therefore, it’s time to vent about it.
It’s quite often, that you see an advert on TV by a charity, asking for donations to help them in whatever country/continent it is that is suffering – from my observations, it’s usually Africa or India…or a place they’ve so vulgarly described as “third world“.
And every so often you hear a teenager or adult, within the western culture, say with pride and dignity: “I want to help the children in Africa/India”

I would like to make it very clear and point blank, I do not have a problem with charities, charity work or charity workers.
What I do have issues with is that Africa, India…wherever you see on the TV is always depicted as a country/continent filled with rife and suffering like no other place in this world and therefore they need all the help and attention they can get.

This is false.
I have said this, time and time again: “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY?!”
Nobody can tell me that within the western world there is no homelessness, poverty or lack of food for some BECAUSE IT EXISTS EVERYWHERE.
So, as a suggestion, before you start flying abroad to start saving all these “children that are suffering” why not start in your own neighbourhood…your own country? Afterall, the saying goes “Charity begins at home.”

Honestly, would you leave your own house that’s falling apart to go to someone else’s to fix theirs?

Media has exaggerated and distorted the facts to make you believe it is worse over there than where you are currently residing and this is only because it doesn’t advertise for those that are deprived within your country.

Additionally, a lot of people say that they want to help like they owe it to the people over there. Like as if you’re doing them a service like they should be so grateful for your presence.
This is such a disgusting mindset. If you want to help someone, do it out of the goodness of your heart, for crying out loud! Don’t behave like you have been emotionally blackmailed or as if someone should congratulate you for what you’re doing. The media needs to sell and will go to all extents to do so. Remember Stop Kony 2012?

Now this may seem quite difficult to comprehend, but bare with me. I think it may actually be possible that there are numerous children that have food in their bellies, clean water to drink, fresh clothes to wear and an opportunity to be educated that actually reside in “third world countries”. What a wild concept to believe, right?

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