This phrase or hashtag shouldn’t exist. It’s wrong and it shouldn’t be a norm to say but unfortunately, just like everything else, western culture over everything. I see it as just another way of saying that western culture is number one and everyone else is below. It totally eradicates the idea of equality. I just think that if the tables were to be turned, the people using the phrase now would not appreciate it.

Plus, what makes “First World”…first? And is there a “Second World”? Because jumping from first to third is pre-tty degrading. And as  an individual that lives within the “First World” but belongs to a culture /country that would be labelled as “Third World” am I now Judas? A betraying man? I just don’t understand.

But back to the first question which I asked above: “what makes First World…first?”, is it because they have internet, light, paved roads, democracy, a non-failing government, no corruption? Because we all know that half of that list is not valid in the “First World” and the remaining exists and is available within these renowned “Third World” countries…so, what’s the point? Well, I think it has something to do with the word I’m ignoring “problems”. And I think this is where half of my anger lies, within the “problems” part of the phrase. The idea that because I am in a certain part of the world I will experience problems that someone in another part of the world will not experience is rubbish. I mean yes, the aspect of only one/few experiencing a problem out of the whole world/country is pleasant…if you get what I mean? But the idea that, because I’m in a land which consists solely of buildings, and has a high standard of living but not necessarily a high quality of life, I’m likely to experience problems which someone in the Eastern world will not experience or be familiar with?

My way of thinking is that problems should never be compared. Everyone lives different lives. Additionally, what makes you think people in the “Third World” don’t have an iPhone with a rapidly degenerating battery life? You’re assuming that being within the “First World” you have things, material things that “Third World” people don’t own and probably never will and I think that’s rather derogatory.

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