RIP Nelson Mandela

Of course, this is slightly outdated, but if you haven’t noticed, I’m not very punctual and regular when it comes to “blogging” but this was one thing that moved me enough to get me typing away.

I have always said that the day when Mandela passes away will be a sad time for all because he had such an impact on the world and it’s safe to say that I was right, but it was an obvious statement anyway.
Now, what I didn’t expect was the reaction from other people, particularly on Twitter. My eyes had really been opened that day, I saw all sorts of tweets: people asking who Nelson Mandela was and what he actually did, some sick people making jokes and what really got me twitching was that people had now decided to discuss argue the ranking of black men within history?

Can we just pause for a moment…?

I cannot actually describe to you how irate I was.
I didn’t see this as a time to start numbering and positioning influential black men that helped to improve the world we are in, it’s sad that things had gone so far. People were comparing Obama to Mandela and basically saying that Obama had nothing on him, when at the end of the day they both achieved things in their own right within different time periods, how is it fair to start comparing the two?! I saw names like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., in fact, I am pretty sure somebody mentioned Rosa Parks…
Whether or not you thought that they were on par or better than the other is completely irrelevant! Without each individual mentioned above, we wouldn’t have progressed to the levels that we are on today. So, rather than comparing, I think people should be grateful for each one of them and their deeds and their souls that were rife with bravery and fearlessness and not be part of the public that belongs to a society where people always have to be placed in a certain position before they’re recognised or appreciated. Don’t rob yourselves of the few luxuries that we do have.

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